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ASACP Honors ImLive, VerifyMy, and Gaelic WWW Conference as its Newest Featured Sponsors

LOS ANGELES (May 1, 2024) — The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) is pleased to honor ImLive, VerifyMy, and Gaelic WWW Conference as its Featured Sponsors for May 2024.

ASACP is a nonprofit organization that has worked for nearly 28 years to promote online child safety. It relies on the support of numerous companies, organizations, and individuals committed to protecting children from online harm.

ASACP’s Featured Sponsors, esteemed leaders in the industry, are recognized for their significant contributions to corporate responsibility, ethical business practices, and the implementation of technical measures that shield minors and sensitive users from inadvertent exposure to age-restricted materials online.

Executive Director Tim Henning extends his heartfelt appreciation for the unwavering support from ASACP’s sponsors, underscoring their pivotal role in shaping the future of online child protection, particularly in guiding efforts towards age verification to preserve the innocence of youth.

ASACP’s tools, made possible by the support of its sponsors, offer invaluable benefits. They include free child protection resources for parents, Best Practices tailored to specific market segments, and a comprehensive Code of Ethics for adult website and app publishers. These resources are instrumental in helping companies prevent minors from accessing age-restricted content.

Among ASACP’s most notable achievements are its RTA (Restricted To Adults) meta-labeling system, which prevents children from accessing adult-oriented web pages and apps, and its CP Reporting Tipline, which has processed over 1.25 million reports since its inception and remains a vital global resource.

The association’s invaluable sponsors, including May’s Featured Sponsors — ImLive, VerifyMy, and Gaelic WWW Conference — are instrumental in making these tools available, thereby significantly contributing to the future of the association and the industry it supports and, most importantly, to the safety of our children online.


An ASACP Corporate Sponsor since 2007, ImLive.com is a premium provider of live interactive webcam services that connect a global base of individual performers and studios with customers worldwide.

Bridging the gap between consumers and producers puts ImLive at the forefront of ASACP’s mission to keep children out of and away from adult entertainment. For example, chat hosts must provide photo identification for age verification — part of a series of performer identification and compliance measures.

In addition, ImLive is monitored 24/7 via a dedicated monitoring tool. This tool shows a continuous multi-window real-time stream of models as they broadcast their live cameras on the site. Furthermore, site users can flag any live video chat stream they believe is inappropriate. The company also limits any explicitly sexual displays to paid private shows, where only adult members are allowed.

Beyond these measures and its support of ASACP, ImLive showcases its strong commitment to online child safety by using RTA meta-labeling and displaying a “warning page” overlay.


VerifyMy is a safety technology provider on a mission to provide solutions that safeguard children and society online. Spanning age assurance, identity verification, and content moderation, VerifyMy offers frictionless, trustworthy solutions for online platforms to maintain integrity, protect their reputation, and safeguard their users.

VerifyMyAge is a privacy-preserving age assurance solution for any online product, service, or business. It features the broadest range of age verification and estimation methods to ensure the highest pass rates possible with minimal business disruption. Their latest proprietary age assurance solution leverages email addresses to estimate a user’s age. This frictionless, privacy-preserving method is designed to be unbiased and is certified by the ACCS to EAL level 3, the highest level for age estimation.

VerifyMyContent is a complete end-to-end identity verification and content moderation solution to prevent uploaders from publishing illegal content on user-generated content platforms. It ensures a safe, trustworthy, and compliant online experience for everyone.

By advocating for robust, privacy-preserving age assurance, content moderation, and safeguarding solutions, VerifyMy technology protects minors by ensuring they enjoy age-appropriate experiences online.

“Our mission is to provide frictionless, trustworthy solutions for online platforms to maintain their integrity, protect their reputation, and safeguard their users. Over the past 12 months, our talented product team has developed a unique solution that solves the age verification challenges across the U.S. and further afield.”

“Our team enjoyed solving the challenge of finding the balance between low friction, privacy preservation, and compliance,” said Gavin Worrall, VP of Global Strategic Partnerships. We are pleased to bring this new method, which leverages publicly available transactional data points to verify age, to the adult industry, and we look forward to showing how this will help businesses protect their brand and reputation.”  

“We are proud to be part of the solution,” Worrall added, “and look forward to helping members of the association and the wider adult community.”

Gaelic WWW Conference

An ASACP In-Kind Media Sponsor since 2017, the Gaelic WWW Conference takes place every other year in beautiful Ireland. It offers three days of business, panels, and the Irish lifestyle. The event attracts web admins, media buyers and sellers, program partners, service providers, and others involved in the online entertainment industry, including crypto, e-commerce, dating, gaming, and health, who gather to carve out a common ground for growth in a comfortable environment.

“We are happy to support ASACP with our webmaster conference in Ireland, as child protection is one of the most important tasks these days,” said Gaelic WWW Conference founder Roland Grotheer. “Companies working in the adult business have an extraordinary responsibility, and we face this challenge.”

“Let’s face it: We all need to work with trust and respect together,” Grotheer added. “Let us look forward together and discuss the journey’s path and how we can best manage it jointly in a wonderful location in Ireland.”

The next Gaelic WWW Conference in Ireland is June 17-20, 2024.

Henning thanks ImLive, VerifyMy, and the Gaelic WWW Conference for their constant support, generosity, and leadership in helping the association achieve its mission of preventing children from accessing adult-oriented content.

“ASACP’s sponsors are contributing towards building a better world for consenting adults and society’s most vulnerable members,” Henning concluded. “This is an honorable mission that the association will continue to embrace.”

To learn how your company can help protect itself by protecting children, email [email protected].


Founded in 1996, ASACP is a nonprofit organization dedicated to online child protection. ASACP comprises the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection and the ASACP Foundation. ASACP is a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization that manages a membership program that provides resources to companies to help them protect minors online. The ASACP Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable organization responsible for the CP Reporting Tipline and RTA (Restricted To Adults) website labeling system.

ASACP has invested nearly 28 years in developing progressive programs to protect minors, and its assistance to the digital media industry’s child protection efforts is unparalleled. For more information, visit ASACP.org.